Data protection information for the website

The protection of our customers' privacy and personality rights, when they visit our website, is of extreme importance for the trust-based use of our offers. When you visit (“” or the “website”), personal data is collected, processed, and used. With this data protection information, we would like to underline our commitment to the secure and trustworthy handling of your data and tell you how we use the personal data of our customers. We comply with the provisions of applicable data protection law.

Data controller and contact details

The data controller pursuant to applicable data protection laws is LEOPOLDO HOTELS & RESTAURANTS SA, PARK HOTEL PRINCIPE, Via Tesserete 10, CH 6900 Lugano.

If you have any questions about data protection or wish to exercise rights or claims (e.g. withdrawal of consent to the use of your data for marketing purposes or exercise of your right to information) in relation to your personal data, please contact your request in writing to or write to the following address:



Via Tesserete 10

6900 Lugano

What is personal data

Personal data" are all particular data relating to the personal or material conditions of a specific or determinable natural or legal person. This means that this is information that can be related to you personally and that can express something about you. In this data protection information, the wording "your data" is also used for this purpose. "Processing" or "processing" means any handling of your data, in particular also the collection, storage, management, use, transmission, communication, or deletion of your data.

Below, we inform you what personal data we collect and store about you if you use our website and how we use this data, as well as to whom we may pass it on. Furthermore, you will receive information on what rights you have towards us regarding the use of your data.

We use your personal data in these ways and for these purposes

a) when visiting our website

When you visit our website, the web server records technical information in so-called log files, such as date, time, website, data you have downloaded, the website through which you came to our site or the type of browser software you use (including operating system). WIHP stores and uses this information anonymously for statistical analysis and to increase the attractiveness of the website. We also use this information in a pseudonymised manner, i.e. without any reference to you, so that we can constantly improve our offer and adapt it to your interests.

Furthermore, we activate cookies and analysis tools (e.g. Google Analytics) when you visit our website. In this regard, see sections 9 and 10 of these data protection instructions.

b) Newsletter

If you have registered for the newsletter, we will use your data indicated at the time of registration for the purpose of sending the Revinate newsletter. If you no longer wish to receive any newsletter, you can unsubscribe via an unsubscribe link in each newsletter.

c) Communication

We store and use your data if you contact us by telephone, e-mail or via our contact form or if you otherwise wish to provide us with information and to do so you transmit your data (including the content of the communication) to us.

d) Other

Furthermore, we store and use personal data and technical information to the extent necessary to prevent or prosecute abuse or other illegal behavior on our website, e.g. to maintain data security in the event of attacks on our IT systems.

Finally, we store and use your data to the extent that we are required to do so by law, for example, pursuant to official or judicial provisions and for the protection of our rights and claims as well as for legal defense.

In general, there is no obligation to communicate personal data to us, unless there is a contractual relationship that underlies this obligation. However, we will need to collect and process personal data that is necessary or required by law for the initiation and management of a contractual relationship and for the fulfillment of related obligations. Otherwise, we will not be able to enter into or carry out the contract in question. In fact, the processing of log data and certain other data when using the website is also imperative. Even when communicating with us, we must process at least the personal data that you transmit to us or that we transmit to you.

Legal basis

Your personal data is processed by us exclusively for the purposes of compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We use your personal data to perform the contract; for legitimate interests such as maintaining the customer database, marketing and advertising our products and services, technical management, and further development of the website; as well as on the basis of consent, insofar as we ask you for consent separately.

Please note that your personal data may also be used by us for marketing purposes. You can prohibit use for marketing purposes at any time by sending the relevant communication to LEOPOLDO HOTELS & RESTAURANTS SA VILLA PRINCIPE LEOPOLDO, Via Tesserete 10, 6900 Lugano, or by email to


When you visit our website, different sets of information are collected including the IP address you are accessing the website from, the version and type of web browser you are using to access the website, the operating system used, any referring domains, and time of the request. With this information, we cannot identify individual user’s identity and we do not intend to attempt to do so. We use the collected data for statistical purposes only, mainly to help us improve the content, look, and feel of our website. Please note that we may collect additional data, including email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses and name, which you voluntarily provide us with while using our website. You can still pay and use our services without providing us with said personal data, either by accessing our services using a pseudonym or anonymized data.


This website uses cookies to collect data used for statistical purposes. Cookies are small files stored on your computer’s hard drive that monitor your activity while using our website, thus providing useful data that would help us make navigation easier. When cookies are stored on your computer, you will not need to enter all the required data to use this website every time you visit. This data allows us to customize our website in order to match your specific preferences and needs, and this is part of our effort to give you seamless access to pages and services. If you do not want to have cookies saved on your computer, you can use your browser settings to decline cookies from our website. To know how to configure your web browser to manage cookies, please navigate to the help center of the browser you are using. For cookies which are already saved on your computer, you can delete them any time. Please note that disabling cookies might restrict some functions on our website and you may not enjoy a fully streamlined experience.


Unless otherwise stated in this declaration, any data you share with us, or any data we collect from you while using our website, will be kept secret and will not be shared with third parties, except in situations where it is a legal obligation, or when this data has to be transmitted for purposes of implementing the contractual relationship you sign up to. Third party partners and businesses, including online payment providers, will only access this data when it is necessary to process your order. In such cases, we ensure that the scope of transmission of the data is maintained to the agreed upon minimum essentials. We also enforce a strict data protection policy for any personal data you provide or we come in contact with, and our action in doing so is in line with the provisions of data protection legislation. Please note that we are not responsible for data you supply to other service providers. We only take measures to ensure that any data shared about you from other service providers complies with legal requirements governing data protection and privacy, as spelled out on our privacy policy.


This website uses Google Analytics, an analytics service supported by Google, which helps websites understand how to customize pages in order to improve user experience. This service uses cookies to track your action including the time you spend on our website and the pages you visit. Please note that no personal data about you is collected using our Google Analytics account, and this means we are not able to identify who was on our website. You can learn more about Google Analytics from the official Google Analytics page.


We use Google AdWords Remarketing for advertising purposes across the internet. The AdWords remarketing program allows the display of relevant ads based on the pages of our website that you visit. This information is collected by a cookie placed on your computer. THIS COOKIE WILL NOT IDENTIFY ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OR ALLOW ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER. With the Google AdWords Remarketing program, we are able to customize our marketing to serve your needs and only show you ads that you may prefer to see.


A Facebook custom audience pixel is a piece of JavaScript code installed into each page of our website that collects and transmits user-defined data to the Facebook marketing program. We use this service to collect data on the behavior of users on our website. Some of the data collected by the pixel includes the browser session of the user, which is submitted to Facebook accompanied with a hashed facebook ID and the URL visited by the user. Each user on facebook has a unique facebook ID which is device independent, this helps us monitor users of our site when they access from a wide range of devices. We use this data for commercial purposes, specifically to target ads with the facebook ads platform.


You can only receive advertising information from our newsletter if you have allowed us to use your email address for this purpose. Our website or its affiliates will never send you newsletters or advertising emails that you have not signed up to. By subscribing to our newsletter, you can choose your areas of interest to receive relevant emails. We use this data, together with your personal data, to share information that is of interest to you. If you would prefer to opt out of our newsletter or advertising emails, you can click on the unsubscribe link available at the bottom of the email.

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